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Alfa Romeo Montreal Essential Companion 320 pages hardcover by Bruce Taylor (70_146516) $379.95
Alfa Romeo Montreal The Dream ThatCame True by Bruce Taylor 575 illustratons 208 pages (73_149524) $124.95
Montreal History by L. Giuliani, in Italian Language for Alfa Romeo (73_MontrealHist) $299.95
Style auto #30 featuring Alfa Montreal & Alfasud as well as Fiat 128 range (69_Z_30) $69.95
Alfa che tempi Italian adventure novel featuring Alfa Romeo in ITALIAN language limited to 1,000 copies only (95_GrandMar_OM) $42.95
Buyer's Guide for Alfa Romeo, Benson covers all postwar models including Giulia Super Giulietta Spider 2000 Montreal 1750 GTV & Zagato GTZ (64_0879381639) $19.95
Alfa Romeo by L. Fusi All Cars from 1910 Tutte Le Vetture dal 1910 hardcover 875 pages (B02_ChvT_C_Sv) $499.95
1910-1985 Museo Alfa Romeo Catalogue/Brochure/visitor guide for Alfa Romeo Museum outside Milan 32 pages fully illustrated Text in Italian and English (475_Museo_Romeo) $39.95
Alfazioso by G. Salvetti Alfa Romeo Curiosities in both English & Italian 120 pages hardcover (65_36756) $169.95
Alfa Romeo History by D. Owen: 80 oversized color pages, hardbound, of the Great Marques series. OUT-OF-PRINT (45_ARHistoryOwe) $24.95
Alfa Romeo Typenhandbuch Alle Modelle von 1910 bis Heute history of Alfa from 1910 to 2002 with 310 illustrations containing technical data by J.Walz in GERMAN language (76_37320) $23.95
Alfa Romeo Century of Innovation 100 years 136 pages hardcover (609780764340727) $29.95
Alfa Romeo the Official Book Centenary Edition celebrating the 100 years very very large book (60_200433N) $999.95
1910-2010 Alfa Romeo Cento Anne di Leggenda 100 years of a legend 180 pages pocket sized 100 year history of AlfaRomeo by Alessandro Sannia in ITALIAN language (70_Alfa_Anne) $39.95
Alfa Romeo Croce e Delizia by Gianni Chizzola A deep look into the production of Alfa Romeo through the main models and the main protagonists published in 2010 156 pages hardcover in ITALIAN language (70_Alfa_Croce) $49.95
Museo Storico Alfa Romeo the English Catalogue at 105th Anniversary by Ardizio 224 pages Hardcover (609788879116350) $99.95
Alfa Romeo Tutti I Modelli Del Novecento Vol 1 Quattroroute Routeclassiche Un Secolo di Auto Itliana 331 pages in ITALIAN publ 2010 all models incl 6C 2300 8C 2900 1900 Matta Giulietta Giulia 2000 2600 Giulia Spider 33 1750 Montreal Alfasud Sprint Alfetta (70_Alfa_TuttiV1) $49.95
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