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Frech Cars From 1920 to 1925 by Pierre Dumont an illustrated history of early French automotive producers including racing models (23_FrenchHist ) $49.95
French Vintage Cars illustrated Hardcover history of early manufacturers i.e. Bugatti Delage Delahaye Salmson Amilcar Hispano Suiza Talbot Alva Automobilette Panthere Pesturic Planchon Delpuech Diable Induco Jock Muller Kiddy & more by J. Bolster (24_FrenchVint ) $89.95
The Salmson Story - by Chris Draper - The History of the Societe des Moteurs Salmson, the history of the Salmson car company and racing history (30_SalmsonStory ) $129.95
The World of Automobiles vol 17 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motor Car covering models ROLL through SH including Rolls Royce Rover Saab Salmson and more (40_WOA_V17 ) $29.95
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