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19-30 - Early motor cars the vintage years - Illustrated and Described by George A Oliver (25_EarlyMotorCa ) $39.95
The Custom Body Era by Hugo Pfau Detailed history of the era of custom design bodies including Lincoln Packard Cadillac Pierce-Arrow Stutz Duesenberg and more (30_PfauCustBody ) $69.95
The Classic Car - The Ultimate book about the World's Grandest Automobiles - edited by Beverly Rae Kimes - A compendium of the greatest cars of the Classic Car Era, 1925-1948 (35_ClassicCar ) $89.95
Racing Stutz Ballentine Illustrated History of the Car Mark Howell 160 pg ill. (18_Stutz ) $29.95
The Book of Sports Cars by Charles Lan Markmann and Mark Sherwin - A history of the sport of car racing (60_SportCarsShe ) $49.95
Connoisseurs Choice Racing Sports & Touring Cars History Book by John Burgess 68 pages (32_ConnoisChoRa ) $19.95
Rolling Sculpture - A Designer and his work by Gordon M Buehrig with William S Jackson (75_RollingSculp ) $69.95
Great Maques of America by Jonathan Wood (50_MarquAmerica ) $24.95
Great American Automobiles - A Dramatic Account of their Achievements in Competition by John Bentley (57_GreatAmAuto ) $9.95
Collectors Cars by L Culpepper - A history of many amazing Collectors Cars including Bugatti Aston Martin Duesenberg Allard Maserati Lotus Wolseley & many more in 224 hardcover pages (60_CollectorsCa ) $5.95
Cars of the Connoisseur by J R Buckley (62_ConnoisseurB ) $14.95
The World of Automobiles vol 19 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motor Car covering models St through SW including Sunbeam Alpine Star Studebaker Stutz Subaru andmore (40_WOA_V19 ) $29.95
Great Automobiles Designs by John Mclellan (75_GreatDesigns ) $19.95
Volume 02, Issue 1 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Le Mans, Ford Racing, Stutz, Car songs, Three wheels, Rolls Royce. (B20_AQVol02Iss1 ) $16.95
Volume 08, Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring: Stutz history, Series BB Black Hawk, Mercedes C-111 (B20_AQVol08Iss3 ) $19.95
Volume 20, Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Stutz, Ed Cole, Mercedes-Benz, Packard & others (B20_AQVol20Iss3 ) $7.95
Volume 36 Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring A.K. Miller's Stutz collection Hearses: 1906-1997 1969 C.O.P.O. Chevelle 427 Ferrari V-8's Blackhawk Art Collection Ford AWD Trucks (B20_AQVol36Iss3 ) $34.95
Volume 50 Issue 1 of Automotive Quarterly featuring Packard Mercedes Benz Hot Wheels Stutz Plymouth RTS Road Runner GTX Barracuda Superbird Duster Maxwell Chrysler and more (B20_AQVol50Iss1 ) $29.95
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