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Detroit Diesel Engines Series 53 Operators Manual (79_Series53_OM - Not a shop manual) $34.95
56-62 Shop service repair manual by Bmw Isetta: 205 pages for 250 & 300 Bubblecars (59_588500365 ) $39.95
55-62 Parts Manual by Isetta (585_Parts ) $129.95
53-64 Isetta Gold Portfolio, 172 pgs of articles about Italo-German bubble car, compiled by Brooklands (58_A_ISGP ) $32.95
53-64 Isetta Road Test Portfolio - BMW ISO Velam (58_IsettaPortfo ) $29.95
73-85 V71 Detroit Diesel Engines Shop Service Repair Manual for V-71 (79_V71 ) $44.95
62-74 Iso & Bizzarrini Gold Portfolio, 172 pgs of articles on Italo-American hybrid, compiled by Brooklands (68_120415A ) $89.95
Italian Cars Sports & Classic #12 May 1993 publication features: A Cinquecento in Milan, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Fiat 500 History, Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, Ghibli Preview, Nuvolari (93_ItalCar_12 ) $19.95
Series 53 Detroit Diesel Engines Shop Service Repair Manual by GM (Series53Engn ) $59.95
Iso & Bizzarrini 208 pages book Limited Edition Ultra articles from leading automotive magazines on new model releases road tests drive reports historical reports performance data specifications and secondhand advice includes Rivolta Grifo Fidia Lele and (65_IBX4 ) $37.95
Style Auto #04 featuring; Corvette Sting Ray, Corvair Monza GT, Chrysler Turbine, Alfa Canguro, Triumph Spitfire, Mercedes 230SL, Ford Mustang, Iso Grifo, Ferrari 330GT, (69_Z_04 ) $59.95
Style Auto #14 featuring; Ro80, BRE, Iso Rivolta S4, Jag Pirana... (69_Z_14 ) $34.95
Style Auto #21 featuring: Capri, Fulvia, Iso, R6, Big Opels.. (69_Z_21 ) $59.95
Isorivolta, The men, The Machines: 536 pages expanded edition by W. Goodfellow. A gem of a collectors book. The Authoritative source for these fine and rare cars (70_150084 ) $599.95
Da Iso Rivolta Il Fascino di un Marchio 160 pages Hardcover in ITALIAN by F. Campetti as history of the company & intes products including the GT cars as well as the micro cars scooters refirgerators trucks and more (70_978887911319 ) $79.95
Everett-Morrison 427 Cobra Instruction Manual on How to Build Replica 172 pages with photos (75_427CobraRepl ) $69.95
Le Alfa Romeo do Merosi by Fusi 270 pages hardcover in ITALIAN covering the early pre-war years of Alfa Romeo (20_Fusi_Merosi ) $449.95
Everett-Morrison 427 SC Cobra Replica Component Assembly Packages Manual (88_CobraReplica ) $19.95
Chevy small block V8 history; 128 pgs of history of this fabulous engine and the cars that it powered; including Iso Bizarrini by A. Young (80_116841N ) $29.95
Isotta Franchini the Noble Pride of Italy Tim Nicholson Ballentine illustrated history of classic italian luxury marque (24_Isottafran ) $19.95
Volume 45 Issue 3 of Automotive Quarterly covering BMW 507 Mercedes Racing Italian Exotics Miura Daytona Bora Boxer Countach and more.... (B20_AQVol45Iss3 ) $39.95
Lost Causes of Motoring - Europe - Volume 1 by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. (69_LostCauses ) $59.95
Isotta Fraschini - by Angelo Tito Anselmi - The History of the "Rolls Royce of Italy" (77_IsottaFrasch ) $449.95
Volume 41 Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring AMX/3 Lancia Stratos Iso Isetta and more (B20_AQVol41Iss3 ) $29.95
Imported car spotters guide by Tad Burness full of illustrations to identify all the cars. (50_InterSpotter ) $49.95
Volume 02, Issue 4 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Porsche, Iso, Rolls-Royce, Tucker, Mercedes, & others (B20_AQVol02Iss4 ) $12.95
Volume 23, Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Giotto Bizzarrini, Craig Breedlove, Tin toys. (B20_AQVol23Iss3 ) $17.75
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