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All Corvettes Are Red, by James Schefter, 384 pg. insiders look at design of 1997 Corvette (97_124491D) $27.95
Manual for Chevrolet Owners by Popular Mechanics (copyright 1952) (53_Chv_PopMan - Not a shop manual) $17.95
57-65 Fuelies - Fuel Injected Corvettes by Robert Genat (61_146881) $499.95
Baldwin Motion Performance 176 pages hardcover by M. Schorr (72_06-3852) $24.95
53-62 Corvette Shop service repair manual supplement by Chevrolet, for complete info full size car service manual is also needed (57_53_COSM) $29.95
53-62 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual by Chilton (57_5606) $39.95
53-62 Corvette Wiring Diagram (57_WDCV) $19.95
53-62 Complete Restoration & Technical Guide, Vol.1 by Noland Adams; 432 pg. how-to book for 53-62 Chevrolet Corvette HARDCOVER Revised 2nd edition (58_100942AE) $199.95
53-62 Restorer's Guide Original Corvette 96 hardbound pages by T. Falconer (58_125173AE) $59.95
Guide to GM Muscle Cars, 1964-1973 Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile muscle cars 193 page history (64_5) $19.95
63-82 Corvette Large Format Manual for Chevy by Chilton's. (72_28500) $59.95
50-59 Standard Catalog of Chevrolet by J.G Robinson 192 pages 225+ photos chapter on Powerglides and rear axle ratios, current price guide, Corvette Bel Air Biscayne station wagon Fleetline Styline Delray 210 150 Impala (50_891771A) $59.95
50-59 Chevy's by Olsen; 160 pg book of history & archival photographs (55_123459AP) $34.95
Chevrolet Bowties of the Fifties 248 hardbound pages many high quality B&W photos all car models by James Moloney (55_bowties) $39.95
53-62 Corvette Gold Portfolio by Brooklands, 180 pgs. of articles about Corvette by Chevrolet (58_A_COR53GP) $32.95
68-77 Corvette Gold Portfolio by Brooklands, 172 pgs. of articles about 1968-1977 Vette (73_A_COR68GP) $32.95
84-93 Corvette Parts and Illustration Manual by Chevrolet (87_CorvPrtsIl) $129.95
Chevrolets of the 60s Performance Tuning For The Restorer How to Rework Drive Train and Chassis For Top Performance Modifying 265 283 327 348 & 409 V8s Plus Corvette Race Preparation (65_Chev_Perform) $39.95
Corvette C7 history of the development of the new 2014 generation by L. Edsall 194 pages hardcover oversized book (B14_200268) $199.95
53-64 Chevrolet Book of Numbers includes Engine, Serial, Model, Transmission & Axle Numbers Vol.#2 (63_Chevy_Num_2) $54.95
68-79 Chevrolet Repair Manual by Chiltons in Spanish (73_7082) $19.95
How to Rebuild the Big Block Chevrolet by Tony Huntimer 160 pages 492 color photos from dissasembly to break-in (80_SA142P) $29.95
59-70 Chevrolet parts interchange manual Camaro Chevelle Chevy II, Nova Full Size Impala Caprice Bel Air Biscayne 256 pgs by Paul Herd (645_121473AP) $59.95
70-82 Corvette Clymer shop service repair manual for Chevrolet (74_A146) $29.95
1984-96 Chevrolet Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual by Chilton (89_C28502) $79.95
84-96: 101 Chevrolet Corvette Projects you can do by R. Newton for performance enhancement, maintenance, & restoration (90_136314AP) $79.95
84-96 C4 Corvette Specs with purchase, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, bulletins, codes, and more: 256 pages by Mike Antonick (90_30033A) $59.95
84-96 Chevrolet Corvette shop service repair manual by Haynes (does not include ZR-1) (91_24041) $27.95
97-11 How to Build & Modify GM LS Series Engines Shop Service Manual by J Potak published by Motorbooks International 176 page volume with numerous photographs featuring chapters on cylinder heads & camshafts rotating assemblies forced induction & nitrous (B04_145825) $29.95
60-72 Standard Catalog og American Muscle Cars by John Gunell 304 pages (66_36216) $27.99
Fast Muscle: America's Fastest Muscle Cars by Alex & Squire Gabbard 128 pages with pictures on racing Muscle cars (66_FastMuscle) $29.95
84-96 Chevrolet Corvette C4 Collectors Originality Guide 144 pages with 296 color photos by Falconer (90_144206) $399.95
65-78 Corvette Rebuilding Guide edited by Rick Johnson (71_CorvetteRebu) $59.95
Dyno-Proven GM LS1 LS7 Performance Parts by R. Holdener with 135+ dyno tests & 350+ photos so you can separate the power-building parts from the fluff 160 pages (B00_Dyno_LS1) $39.95
53-67 Best of Corvette Restorer volumes 1-5 236 page restoration guide collecting articles published in Corvette Restorer magazine (60_CorRestoMag) $29.95
53-67 Corevtte Specifications Guide by J Amgwert 168 page Shop Service Repair Manual (60_CorvSpecGD) $99.95
66-80 Chevrolet Tune Up and Maintenance Manual by Clymer covering the Bel Air Biscayne Camaro Caprice Chevell Chevette Chevy II 2 Citation Corvette El Camino Impala Malibu Monte Carlo Monza Nova and Vega (73_A137) $29.95
68-82 Restoration Guide for Chevrolet Corvette 256 pages by Richard Prince covering engines and transmissions, frames, suspensions brakes body and graphics Interiors and options (75_193279) $32.95
68-82 Chevrolet Corvette shop service repair manual by Haynes (75_24040) $27.95
68-82 C3 Corvette How to Build and Modify by C. Petris 176 pages with over 360 photos (75_SA247) $29.95
How to Restore Your 68-82 Corvette C3 by Walt Thurn hands on restoration procedures to return your Chevrolet Corvette to original condition including engine mechanical body interior upholstery and more in 176 pages with over 500 color photos (75_SA248) $29.95
68-82 Restorers Guide Original Corvette 144 pages hardvcover by T. Falconer weith photography by James Mann (75_VetteRestor) $59.95
68-82 Corevtte Specifications Guide by J Amgwert 168 page Shop Service Repair Manual (76_CorvSpecGD) $99.95
97-11 GM LS Series Engines the Complete Swap Shop Service Manual by J Potak 192 page with project planning EFI configuration fuel & exchange system design choosing aftermarket parts & more (B04_147150) $27.95
53-67 Road & Track on Corvette, 88 pgs. of articles on Chevy sports car compiled by Brooklands (60_A_CORRT53) $29.95
53-67 Corvette A Source Book by Arthur A.C. Steffen 144 pages (60_CorvetteSour) $34.95
Osprey Expert Histories Earley Chevrolet Corvettes 53-67 All Six Cylinder & V8s by Thomas Falconer (60_EarlyCorvett) $34.95
53-67 Corvette Buyers Guide: 192 pages by R. Prince (65_134742AP) $59.95
68-82 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Originality Guide by Tom Falconer (70_149556) $24.95
68-82 Buyer's Guide to Corvette C3. 192 pages by R. Prince (75_136330AP) $79.95
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