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48-54 Master Parts and Illustrations book for all Packard models, 916 pgs (51_801309) $74.95
35-42 Body Shop manual by Packard for 120 series 42 pgs (37_914214) $32.95
41-48 Engine Manual for Clipper Series and the 22nd series 6 8 Super 8 and Custom 8 by Packard 60 pages (445_Pckrd_Engin) $29.95
Studebaker & Packard Parts & Accessories Price List Dec. 1958 (59_PackStudePri) $39.95
36-44 14th- 20th Series Shop Service letters Manual 300 pgs by Packard (40_801290) $42.95
39-48 Packard Shop Service Repair Manual By Thompson (43_Packard_Thom) $29.95
Special tools & shop equipment catalog by Packard issued 1935 for 120, Eight, Super 8, and Twelve. (34_DP_01) $39.95
Packard Motor Cars 46-58 1946-1958 Photo Archive Edited by Mark A Patrick 126 pages of 115 period photos (52_10043) $36.95
46-58 Packard Gold Portfolio, 180 pages of articles about Packard, compiled by Brooklands (52_A_PAGP) $59.95
34-48 Carter Carburetor Service & Parts Manual for All domestic Cars & Trucks by Carter including Chevrolet Packard Buick Cadillac Chrysler Dodge Pontiac Oldsmobile Plymouth and more (41_CarterCarb) $59.95
40-54 Independent Convertibles 141 pages featuring Packard Studebaker Hudson Nash Kaiser Frazer & Crosley by Narus (58_14401958) $39.95
39-54 Packard Station Wagons and other independents including Hudson Nash Studebaker & Willys 122 pgs (47_PackardWagon) $29.95
Volume 46 Issue 2 of Automotive Quarterly featuring Mercedes Bugatti Packard and more.... (B20_AQVol46Iss2) $29.95
20-39 Amercian car spotters guide by Tad Burness full of illustrations to identify all the cars. (30_Spotter) $39.95
Cars of the Stars by George Barris and Jack Scagnetti (30_COTS) $29.95
Veteran Motor Pocketbook by A Bird 256 page hard cover 6"x4" history covering early motorcars prior to 1920 with chapters for each manufacturer (30_VeteranPocke) $19.95
42-62 The Packard by Nathaniel T Dawes - A definitive history of the Packard company, covering the years from the early WWII era until the company's demise (52_PackardDawes) $34.95
Parts Price List issued 1951 for every parts number from 3865 to PA-437350 with dealer cost and list price at the time. Issued by Packard (51_DP_03) $39.95
Rochester Carburetor Shop Service Repair Manual for Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Oldsmobile Packard & Pontiac by United Motors (43_RochesterCar) $49.95
The Classic Car - The Ultimate book about the World's Grandest Automobiles - edited by Beverly Rae Kimes - A compendium of the greatest cars of the Classic Car Era, 1925-1948 (35_ClassicCar) $89.95
25-50 Detroit Style Automotive Form by J Henshaw & A Miller 120 page history with numerous photographs (35_DetroitS) $34.95
Parts interchange #3 for Packard exhaust manifolds generators hubs drums radiators 12 pages (47_PackPartInt3) $14.95
Parts interchange #4 for Packard radio voltage regulator shocks spindles steering hear timing chains & gears starters 24 pages (47_PackPartInt4) $14.95
28-58 Hemmings book of Packard: 120 pages about many different models (42_131682AE) $29.95
30-65 Allure of the Automobile Labaco & Gross (48_39376) $39.95
1899-1935 Packard Motor Car Company Pictorial History Book by Evan Ide 128 pg (28_37805) $89.95
Parts interchange #1 manual for Packard & other manufacturers; part 1 covering axles, bearings, belts, & brakes (38_PackPartInt1) $14.95
Parts interchange #2 manual for Packard section 2 covering engine & drivetrain parts (38_PackPartInt2) $14.95
20-58 Packard Brooklands Portfolio 123 articles incl Six Eight 8-33 Speedster Super Eight 120 Twelve Convertible Sedan Patrician Cavalier Constellation 400 Clipper Hawk & more 196 pages over 500 photos (39_199716AE) $49.95
Volume 39 Issue 2 of Automobile Quarterly '30 Packard 745 '64 Comet Caliente Delahaye 135M Chrysler 300C Momo Mirage and more (B20_AQVol39Iss2) $39.95
1892-1932 Golden Wheels: The Story of the Automobiles Made in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio (15_GoldenWheels) $59.95
The Age Of Cars by Mike Twite (20_TheAgeOfCars) $29.95
The Coachbuilt Packard by Hugo Pfau 224 pgs Detailed history of the era of custom design bodies from the Packard perspective. (30_CoachPackard) $69.95
Rolling Sculpture - A Designer and his work by Gordon M Buehrig with William S Jackson (75_RollingSculp) $69.95
The Motor Manual 20th Edition All About Motors In Simple Language. published in early 1900's (25_MotorRep20th) $34.95
The Packard Story: The Car & The Company History Book by Robert E. Turnquist 286 hardbound pages (25_39817) $39.95
Volume 40 Issue 1 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Maserati 5000 Packard Caribbean and more (B20_AQVol40Iss1) $29.95
Classic Cars & Antiques by H Bowman published by Motor Trend 144 page history covering Cord Mercedes Lincoln Packard & more (25_MotorClassAn) $19.95
Living Legend by Packard: historical facts book about the company from 1899 to 1956 published as a promotional item by Packard for the 1956 model year (50_SP_02) $29.95
Packard the Complete Story by Michael G Scott 201 page hard cover history (25_PackardScott) $49.95
00-58 Packard history by D. Adler; 10'x10' 156 pgs. forward by Jay Leno (28_137317) $74.95
Packard Illustrated Quarterly Spring 1975 ed. F Taylor hardcover 62 pages (28_Packard_Hist) $29.95
Packard the Pride by J. Fenster 208 hardbound pages full of contemporary color photos by Roy Query History from 1899 to 1956 A Automobile Quarterly Magnificent Marque Series book (29_30080A) $59.95
Packard A Chronology of the Company the Cars & the People by Robert Marvin 456 hardbound pages. SIGNED and Numbered First Edition. An illustrated history of the Packard Motor Car Company that operated from 1899 to 1958. (30_Packard_Hist) $89.95
History of Packard Motor Cars and the Company B.R. Kimes 828 page Award winning book. (40_30079) $149.95
00-58 Ask the Man Who Owns One An Illustrated History of Packard Advertising from 1900 through 1958 by Einstein 282 pages hardcover (40_786447732) $49.95
03-56 Packard a history in ads by G. Griffiths Collection of Packard advertising year to year (30_Pkrd_Ask) $34.95
1899-58 Packard Buyer's Guide, Langworth. All Packard cars and commercial vehicles. 160 pg illustrated. (30_Pkrd_Buyer) $39.95
Antique & Classic Cars by J Wherry published by Motor Trend 128 page history covering Cord Mercedes Lincoln Packard & more (25_AntWherry) $19.95
The Fall of The Packard Motor Car Company By James A. Ward over 300 pages (50_0804731659) $79.95
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