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Javelin 1.5 Litre Parts Manual by Jowett (50_Jowett_Parts ) $59.95
50-54 Jowett Jupiter a car for Road Rally & Race 80 pages by E. Nankivell (52_95411440 ) $19.95
47-53 Jowett Javelin Owners Manual (50_Jowett_Own - Not a shop manual) $69.95
Jowett Javelin & Jupiter Complete Story 176 hardbound pages by G. McAuley & E. Nankivell (47_136596AE ) $34.95
Jowett Javelin 1.5 Ltr factory Maintenance Manual (50_Jowett_Maint ) $49.95
Lost Causes of Motoring by Lord Monagu hardcover history in 224 pages detailing the rise and fall of British car makers such as Crossley Invicta Railton Jowett Lanchester Lea Francis Leyland Trojan Napier and more between the years of 1900 and 1960 (30_LostCause ) $74.95
The World of Automobiles vol 10 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motor Car covering models JA through LI including Jeep Jensen Jowett Kaiser Krieger Lagonda Lamborghini Lanchester Lancia Lea Francis Lenoir Lincoln and more (40_WOA_V10 ) $29.95
Volume 42 Issue 4 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Kenworthy Mille Miglia Cadillac Jowett Javelin and more (B20_AQVol42Iss4 ) $29.95
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