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76-86 Talbot 1976-1986 Shop Service Repair Manual for Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Graham Robson (86_MRPTSLOTUS ) $35.95
1975-86 Talbot / Chrysler Alpine Solara Minx Rapier Shop Service Repair Manual by Haynes (80_TalbotHaynes ) $323.95
65-83 Matra A Brooklands Road Test Portfolio of 82 articles on all models including performance data and specifications as well as driving impressions in 200 pages covering Talbot Simca and many more (74_210448 ) $59.95
Talbot Lago Grand Sport - The Car From Paris by P. Larsen with B. Erickson (30_TalbotLagoGS ) $899.95
Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Story by R. Ward 31 pgs (50_190048251 ) $19.95
French Curves Delahaye Delage Talbot Lago Mulling Automotive Museum Vol #2 by Adatto Figoni Hinds & Furman (40_French_Curv ) $179.95
Simca: de Fiat a Talbot in French by Michel Renou History of the Simca Hardbound with photographs 252 pages (55_34078 ) $189.95
Cars of the Connoisseur by J R Buckley (62_ConnoisseurB ) $14.95
The World of Automobiles vol 20 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motor Car covering models SW through TV including Swift Talbot Toyota Triumph Trojan Tucker Turner TVR and more (40_WOA_V20 ) $29.95
Motoring Entente - The Story of Sunbeam Talbot and Darracq by Ian Nickols and Kent Karslake (50_MotoringEnte ) $99.95
Georges Roesch and the Invincible Talbot by Anthony Blight (40_GeorgesRoesc ) $999.95
Les Grandes Routieres Frances Classic Grand Tourers by William Stobbs (50_RoutieresSto ) $34.95
Volume 04, Issue 1 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Tucker, F1, Colin Chapman, Tony Lago, Town Cars, etc (B20_AQVol04Iss1 ) $8.95
Auto Legends Classics of Style & Design by R Cumberford History of automobiles from 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout to 2002 Ferrari Pininfarina 296 pages (505_AutoLegends ) $19.95
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