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37 Cord 812 Covertible 1:18 Red Die Cast Model by Amercian Classics (37_Cord812_ACls ) $69.95
29-31 L29 Parts Manual by Cord for L-29 (30_Cord_L29_Par ) $49.95
810 812 Cord The timeless classic; 272 pages by J.S.Malks. Award winning book (34_122254B ) $44.95
810 812 Owners Manual by Cord (34_80459_Cord - Not a shop manual) $24.95
30-39 Cars of the 1930s by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide (35_CarsofThirit ) $14.95
40-49 Cars of the 1940s by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide (45_CarsofFortie ) $14.95
50-59 Cars of the 1950s by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide (55_CarsofFiftie ) $14.95
Auburn Cord & Duesenberg 19 Club Newsletters in Factory Binder mostly 1965 & 1966 (70_DuesenbergNe ) $34.95
30-42 Encyclopedia of American Cars by James H Moloney (36_AmericanCars ) $34.95
46-59 Encyclopedia of American Cars by James H Moloney and Geo H Dammann (52_AmericanCars ) $34.95
CORD Automobiles L-29 810 812 Photo Archive by Jon M. Bill 128 pages (30_10204 ) $36.95
The Classic Cord compilation of articles, Road Tests and Sales Info compiled into book form by Dan R. Post 160 pages (30_Classic_Cord ) $49.95
The Classic Car - The Ultimate book about the World's Grandest Automobiles - edited by Beverly Rae Kimes - A compendium of the greatest cars of the Classic Car Era, 1925-1948 (35_ClassicCar ) $89.95
1913-1937 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Brooklands Portfolio in 436 pages with 550 photos (25_200050AE ) $84.95
Sensuous Steel Art Deco Automobiles 111 pages hardcover by Gross Adatto & Mellins (359780985200947 ) $49.95
Classic American Automobiles by David Brugess Wise - The story of the Classic cars of the 20s until the 40s including the stories of the Auburn Cord Cord Duesenburg Packard Pierce-Arrow and many more (80_ClassicAmerA ) $19.95
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Racers & Record Setters Photo Archive by J. Bill 128 page history book with 153 illustrations (14_10338 ) $32.95
The Book of Sports Cars by Charles Lan Markmann and Mark Sherwin - A history of the sport of car racing (60_SportCarsShe ) $49.95
03-37 Cord & Auburn history by Beck & Malks; 160 hardbound pages includes detailed technical history of L-29 810 & 812 (20_123282AP ) $59.95
Cord 810 & 812 Owners companion 224 hardbound pages including owners manual parts list, serial number data, and more... (34_LCO - Not a shop manual) $59.95
Road & Track on Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg; 104 pages (37_112330B ) $39.95
The Cord Front Drive, by Roger Huntington, out of print history of Cords (57_CordFrtDrive ) $23.95
Auburn Cord Duesenberg by Don Butler Comprehensive illustrated history hardcover 360 pages with many illustrations (32_0879387017 ) $89.95
The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties 160 pages hardcover by Hottendorff & de Weegh the story of the famout hidden collection and fate of the many special cars including many Bugattis but also including Ferrari Aston Martin Lancia Alfa Romeo Cord and more (B01_192358 ) $59.95
Rolling Sculpture - A Designer and his work by Gordon M Buehrig with William S Jackson (75_RollingSculp ) $69.95
Cord Without Tribute to Tradition the L-29 Front Drive Legend by Dan Post 220 pages with 300+ photos and drawings (30_CordTribu ) $59.95
30-80 50 Years of American Automobile Design 1930-1980 by D Nesbitt oversized hard cover history with numerous photographs (65_50YRAutoDesi ) $14.95
Classic Cars & Antiques by H Bowman published by Motor Trend 144 page history covering Cord Mercedes Lincoln Packard & more (25_MotorClassAn ) $19.95
Old Car Book by J Bentley 144 page history covering Marmon Cord Duesenberg Pierce Arrow & more (25_OldCarBentle ) $19.95
Famous Old Cars by H Bowman history covering Bentley Bugatto Cadillac Cord Lincoln Marmon Packard & more (25_FamousOld ) $9.95
Antique & Classic Cars by J Wherry published by Motor Trend 128 page history covering Cord Mercedes Lincoln Packard & more (25_AntWherry ) $19.95
Great Maques of America by Jonathan Wood (50_MarquAmerica ) $24.95
Glenn Pray Untold Stories Auburn Cord Duesenberg (84_BMW_Bike ) $39.95
Volume 42 Issue 3 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Porsche 356 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum Cord L29 Riley 2.5 and more (B20_AQVol42Iss3 ) $34.95
Cars of the Connoisseur by J R Buckley (62_ConnoisseurB ) $14.95
The World of Automobiles vol 4 An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motor Car covering models CH through DA including Chrysler Citroen Cord Cooper (40_WOA_V04 ) $29.95
00-77 Great American Convertible by R Wieder 142 page history with numerous photographs (38_GreAm ) $9.95
Errett Loban Cord His Empire His Motor Cars by G. Borgeson hardbound with 500 illustrations 280 pgs complete biography of the legendary man behind the Cord Auburn Duesenberg empire Published by Automobile Quarterly (31_32791 ) $294.95
Volume 40 Issue 4 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Cord L29 McLaren AMC Hurst SC/Rambler Horch Ford Lincoln Zephyr Morris Minor McLaren and more (B20_AQVol40Iss4 ) $29.95
A History of the Worlds Classic Cars by Richard Hough and Michael Frostick (63_HistoryClass ) $14.95
Volume 46 Issue 3 of Automotive Quarterly featuring Alfa Romeo Apperson GM Lister Cord and more... (B20_AQVol46Iss3 ) $29.95
Great American Convertible by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide 255 page hard cover history with numerous photographs (50_GreAmCon ) $19.95
Volume 04, Issue 2 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Bertone, MG history and record cars, Cord, others (B20_AQVol04Iss2 ) $8.95
Volume 06, Issue 4 of Automobile Quarterly featuring: Blower Bentley Lemans History other Bentleys DeTomaso and Ghia Cord others (B20_AQVol06Iss4 ) $19.95
Volume 18, Issue 2 of Automobile Quarterly featuring '49-'62 Buick Riviera, Cord, Pierce Arrow, Sizaire Freres, & others (B20_AQVol18Iss2 ) $4.95
Volume 20, Issue 2 of Automobile Quarterly featuring L-29 Cord, Pontiac Ghost car, & others. (B20_AQVol20Iss2 ) $19.95
Volume 30, Issue 4 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Entire issue dedicated to Duesenberg. (B20_AQVol30Iss4 ) $49.95
Hershey Worlds Greatest Antique Car Event by R Taylor and J Constantine 160 page hard cover with many color photos detailing the many charms of one of America's premier antique car shows (97_Hershey ) $34.95
Make 'Em Shout Hooray! by Richard H Stout - the story of the American Automobile and the "automobile men" who built the industry (88_MakeShoutHur ) $39.95
Classic Cars in Profile Vol.#2 Antique Classic & Contemporary Autos of the World presented in Color drawings photos & Expert descriptive text by Anthony Harding (35_ClassicProfi ) $39.95
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