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1941 BMW Manuals

BMW Year: 1941   Clear Year

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Abarth, AC , Acadian, Acura, AJS, Alfa Romeo, Allante, Allard, Allis Chalmers, Alpine, Alvis, AMC, Amphicar, Anzani, Aprilia, Arctic Cat, Ariel, Armstrong Siddeley, Aston Martin, Auburn, Audi, Austin, Austin Healey, Auto Union, Autobianchi, Automatic Trans, Avanti, Ballot, Bandini, Beardmore, Bentley, Bertone, Bikes, Bimota, Bitter, Bizzarrini, BMW, BMW Bikes, Boats, Bodywork, Boeing, Borgward, Bosch, Bricklin, Briscoe, Bristol, British Leyland, BRM, Brough Superior, BSA, Buell, Bugatti, Buick, Bultaco, Cadillac, Capri, Carburetion, Case, Caterham, Caterpillar, Cessna, Checker, Chevrolet, Chilton, Chris Craft, Chrysler, Chrysler Boats, Cisitalia, Citroen, Clenet, Cockshutt, Columbia, Cord, Coventry Climax, Crosley, Cunningham, CZ Jawa, Daewoo, Daf, Daihatsu, Daimler, Datsun, DeDion, Delage, Delahaye, Delorean, DeSoto, DeTomaso, Detroit Diesel, Diamond Reo, Dictionary, Divco, DKW, Doble, Dodge, Douglas, Ducati, Duesenberg, DuPont, Duryea, Eagle, Edsel, Elcar, Elva, ERF Trucks, Excalibur, Excelsior, Facel, Ferrari, Fiat, Fisher, Fisker, Fleetwood, Ford, Francis Barnett, Franklin, Frazer Nash, Freightliner, General Automotive, General Custom, General Motorcycle, General Repair, Genesis, Geo, Ghia, GM, GMC, Goggomobil, Gregoire, Harley Davidson, Haynes, Hesketh, Hillman, Hispano Suiza, Hodaka, Holden, Hollander, Honda, Honda Bikes, Honda Marine, Hot Rod, Hotchkiss, HRG, Hudson, Hummer, Husqvarna, Hyundai, Indian , Infiniti, Innocenti, International, Invicta, Isetta, Iso, Isotta Franchini, Isuzu, Jaguar, James, Jap, Jawa, Jeep, Jensen, John Deere, Johnson Evinrude, Jowett, Kaiser Frazer, Kawasaki, Kawasaki Boats, Kenworth, Kia, Kissel, KTM, Kubota, Lada, Lagonda, Lamborghini, Lambretta, Lanchester, Lancia, Land Rover, LaSalle, Laverda Bikes, Lea Francis, Lexington, Lexus, Leyland, Lincoln, Lotus, Lucas, Mack, Marcos, Marine Boats, Mariner, Marmon, Maserati, Massey Ferguson, Matchless, Matra, Maxwell, Maybach, Mazda, McFarlan, McLaren, Mercedes, Mercruiser, Mercury, Mercury Boats, Merkur, Messerschmitt, MG, Military, Miller, Minerva, Mini, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Fuso, Montiverdi, Moretti, Morgan, Morris, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, Motorhome, MV Agusta, Napier, Nash, Nissan, Norton, NSU, Offenhauser, Oldsmobile, Oliver, OM Truck, OMC, Opel, Osca, Packard, Panhard, Pantera, Perkins, Peugeot, Piaggio, Pierce Arrow, Pininifarina, Piper, Planes, Plymouth, Polaris, Pontiac, Porsche, Pratt, Proton, Puch, Racing, Railton, Raleigh, Rally, Rambler, Range Rover, Reliant, Renault, Reo, Riley, Rolls Royce, Rootes, Rover, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Saab, SALE, Saleen, Salmson, Saturn, Scania, Scarab, Scion, Sea Doo, Seat, Seddon, Shelby, Simca, Singer, Skoda, Sleds, Smart, Stanguellini, Stanley, Sterling, Studebaker, Stutz, SU Carb, Subaru, Sunbeam, Suzuki, Suzuki Bikes, Suzuki Boats, Talbot, Tatra, Tesla, Toyota, Tractor, Triumph, Triumph Bikes, TVR, Vauxhall, Velocette, Veritas, Vespa, Vincent, Volkswagen, Volvo, Volvo-Penta, Wartburg, Waukesha, Weber, Westfield, White, Wills Sainte Claire, Willys, Winnebago, Winton, Wolseley, World Car, Yamaha, Yamaha Boats, Yanmar, Yugo, Zagato, Zenith
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321 owners handbuch manual 6 cylinder 2.0L in German by BMW 66 pages (39_A304 - Not a shop manual) $89.95
321 2.0L 6 cylinder parts ersatzteilliste manual by BMW (41_A302) $149.95
Reparturanleitung shop service repair manual in German by BMW for models 320 321 326 327 327/8 328 335 Zur Arbeitspreisliste fur BMW Kraftwagen with many B&W illustrations (40_320_335) $99.95
34-60 Portfolio of Articles on BMW V8 & 6-cylinder cars, 96 pages. compiled by Brooklands covering 328 507 502 320 503 501 327 326 335 and Frazer Nash (47_A_BMW1X1) $59.95
37-82 BMW Ultimate Drives Volume 1 by J. Walton 205 pages (65_Ult_Drive) $69.95
23-69 BMW Profiles - Motorcycles from Munich - by BMW Mobile Tradition (50_BPR1) $499.95
BMW Bavaria's Driving Machine by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide 250 hardbound pages w/ lots of color and Black & White illustrations (59_BMWConsumGui) $34.95
00-52 Continental Sports Cars by W Boddy hard cover history book covering such makes as Alfa Romeo Bianchi BMW Citroen Delahaye Ferrari Fiat Lancia Maserati Mercedes Benz Panhard Peugeot & Renault (25_ContenSpCar) $14.95
Cars to Remember 37 Great Automobiles in Retrospect by B Neely & J Lamm includes photos and text about Austin-Healey Packard Cord Porsche Bugatti Jaguar Duesenberg Rolls-Rouyce Ferrari and others (35_Cars_to_Rem) $29.95
Bahnstormer the Story of BMW Motorcycles by L Setright 190 page History (52_Bahnstorm) $59.95
BMW the Bavarian Motor Works History by Frostick hardcover 210 pages (70_6739) $26.95
Dumpy Book of Motors & Road Transport by H Sampson 317 page cataloging all makes & models of cars & trucks as of 1956 (30_DumpyHist) $99.95
Sports Cars of the World by R Halmi 125 page history covering BMW Ford Lotus MG Porsche & more (30_SportsHalmi) $9.95
BMW Celebration by Eric Dymock, hardcover and 191 pages (60_Dymock_BMW_C) $29.95
Huschke von Hanstein The Racing Baron 287 pages by Tobias Aichele high quality story of Porsche's public relations and racing department manager1950's and his racing 1930's to 1980's many B&W and color photos (60_racingbaron) $139.95
The Road is Yours the Story of the Automobile and the Men Behind It by Reginald M Cleveland & S T Williams 300 pgs with b&w photos and illustrations pub 1951 by The Greystone Press (51_RoadIsYours) $19.95
The Motor Car An Illustrated History by Anthony Blond 255 hardbound pages (31_Motor_Car) $29.95
BMW Eine Deutsche Geschichte in Bildern by H Monnich 479 page History of the company thru 1991 TEXT IN GERMAN (45_BMWPiper) $29.95
1933-97 BMW Precision and Performance by Paul Cockerham. Illustrated history. 80 pages. (65_1577170) $29.95
630 Days to the Top - The Story of the World Champion BMW Turbo by BMW (80_630DaysToTop) $29.95
BMW Enthusiasts companion by BMW Owners club 328 pages of insights on driving, performance, & service (80_GBCC) $29.95
28-98 BMW History by Hodges 160 pages from the first car through current models (65_129714C) $29.95
16-87 Das weiss-blaue Wunder by Hanns-Peter Rosellen 594 pages History of BMW Text in GERMAN (355_BMW_Wunder) $79.95
Buyer's Guide for BMW Motorcycles by Stefan Knittel & Rolan Slabon 176 pages with 200 full color photos 1923-1995 (52_135776) $29.95
34-06 BMW Racing Cars covering BMW's racing history from 1934-2006 by Karl Ludvigsen 125 illustrations (70_10292) $29.95
BMW - Motorsport Fascination by BMW - All about BMW and its motorsport racing history 124 harcover pages (92_MotorsportFa) $24.95
23-98 BMW Motorrader 75 Jahre Tradition und Innovation by Stefan Knittel - BMW Motorcycles 75 years of Tradition and Innovation in German (50_ST_1_98_007) $249.95
Motor Car Lovers Companion edited by Richard Hough - with articles written by Aldous Huxley, Jacques Ickx, Henry Miller, Lord Montagu, Laurence Pomeroy, Osbert Sitwell and more (65_MotorCarLove) $12.95
BMW Twins The Complete Story by Mick Walker 207 hardbound pages many B&W & color photos & illustrations 1923-1998 (70_BMWtwins) $59.95
1917-94 BMW Classics by Jeremy Walton A picture history book covering the evolution and classic cars of BMW. (50_BMW_Classics) $34.95
BMW A History by Halwart Schrader - Translated and adapted by Ron Wakefield 390 pages (79_BMWAHISTORY) $59.95
Tuning for Speed: How to Increase the Performance of A Standard Motorcycle Engine For Racing & Competition Work by P.E. Irving (40_Tuning4Speed) $89.95
Treasury of Motorcycles of the World by F Clymer 235 page hard cover history (33_MotoWorld) $19.95
BMW Motorcycles by D. Holmstrom & B. Nelson 168 hardbound pages of historical information (60_BMW_MtrcyclH) $39.95
21-01 BMW Cars by Martin Buckley Photos by Nick Dimberly 168 page hard cover History (61_BMWBuck) $39.95
BMW Icon of style 184 pages by Sannia history from 1930-2011 (90_BMW_ICON_STY) $15.95
BMW Motorcycles The Complete Story by Bruce Preston 176 hardbound pages many B&W & color photos illustrations 1913-1995 (70_BMWPreston) $24.95
BMW Driver's Book by J. Ruppert & K. Everett Published by Haynes incl 850i 750i 318i Touring E1 Concept and many others covers many different aspects of BMW History (90_BMW_DRIVER) $39.95
Unbeatable BMW; 582 pages hardbound by J. Walton; about BMW's competition history 1917-1997 (55_GBUB) $84.95
A History of the BMW Boxer Twins by Ian Falloon (70_137531AE) $29.95
Classic Sportscars hard cover history covering BMW Ford Lotus MG Porsche & more (50_SportsBadre) $19.95
BMW by Don Morley & Mick Woollett Classic Motorcycles Series pub by Osprey 128 pages (92_BMWMorley) $29.95
Supercars the Worlds Finest High Performance Automobiles by J Walton 240 hard cover history (75_SuperWalton) $14.95
BMW - The Car that Stands Apart - by R W Schlegelmilch H Lehbrink & J von Osterroth in English French and German languages 460 Large Hardcover pages (90_BMWStandApar) $39.95
Restoring Motorcycles - Two Stroke Engines by Roy Bacon (89_RestMotorc4B) $89.95
Dream Cars History Book by Richard Nichols 190 hardbound pages (45_DreamCars) $24.95
BMW Dimensions BMW since 1916 by M. Grunert & F. Triebel 595pgs w/over 1000 photos all about development production engine specs motorcylce & automobile details sales advertisement and general data & facts about all mercedes models since 1916 (51_bmw_dimen) $369.95
BMW - by Nigel Fryatt - Charts the company's history and evaluates the performance of the BMW, with over 150 color illustrations (90_BMWFryatt) $12.95
BMW Motorrad Make Life a Ride Motorcycle History by J. Gassebner & M. Bolt Large Heavy book over 320 pages 7 lbs 27x36 cm in English & German (9_9783832797140) $149.95
BMW- The book of the Car by Don Slater - This is the story of BMW's struggles in it's early decades to survive the changing field of automotive sales (50_BMWBookCarSl) $14.95
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Displaying (1 — 50) of 79   
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