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85 280i Owners Manual / Service Schedules & Record Book for USA model TVR (85_280_Owners) $79.95
85 Tasmin 350i 280i 200 Owners Manual Service Schedules & Record Book by TVR (85_350_Owners) $79.95
72 2500M Owners Manual by TVR (72_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $229.95
73 2500M Owners Manual by TVR 44 pgs (73_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $69.95
75 2500M Owners Manual by TVR (Reproduction) (75_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $229.95
76 2500M Owners Manual by TVR 74 pages (76_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $229.95
84 TVR Tasmin 280i Owners Manual by TVR 54 pgs (84_Tasmin280_OM - Not a shop manual) $129.96
84 TVR Tasmin 280i Service Schedule & Record Book by TVR 54 pgs Supplement to Owners Manual (84_Tasmin_Serv - Not a shop manual) $169.95
85 TVR Tasmin 350i 280i 200 Owners Manual by TVR 66 pgs (85_Tasmin350_OM - Not a shop manual) $199.95
84 TVR of America 12 page glossy b&w brochure describing the Jacksonville Florida importing company with photos of premises and personel (84_importer) $19.95
67-71 TVR Tuscan Owners Manual by TVR 64 pgs (67_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $169.95
62-67 TVR Grantura Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Owners Manual by TVR 30 pgs (62_TVR_OM - Not a shop manual) $239.95
200-05 TVR Performance Portfolio 128 pages of road test articles photographs and information by Brooklands (B03_TVR00P) $29.95
86-94 TVR Performance Portfolio 140 pgs of road test articles compiled by Brooklands (90_A_TVR86PP) $29.95
86-94 TVR S Series Essential Buyers Guide by R Kitchen for S1 S2 S3 S3C S4C & V8S 64 pages (90_TVR_S) $19.95
TVR S Owners Manual by TVR (90_TVR_S_OM - Not a shop manual) $149.95
Parts Manual by TVR for 2500M & 1600M & 3000M (74_TVR_Parts) $59.95
1980-87 Tasmin 280i 350i 390 420 parts catalog Manual by TVR (85_TVR280parts) $59.95
TVR Labor Time Guide Flat Rate Manual for 1600M 2500M 3000M (75_TVR_FlatRate) $19.95
TVR Chimaera Owners Manual by TVR (97_Chimaera_OM - Not a shop manual) $249.95
280i Shop Service Repair Manual by TVR (85_TVR_280i_Svc) $199.95
91-01 TVR Cerbera Tuscan & Tamora Portfolio of Articles compiled into book form by Unique 76 pages (96_TVR_Unique) $26.95
95-2000 TVR Performance Portfolio Road and comparison tests, performance and technical data, long term reports, racing. Covers Griffith 500 Tuscan 4.0 Speed Six Chimaera 4.0 4.5 and 5.0 Cerbera 4.2 and 4.5 Speed 12 and more 200 photos 136 pages by Brooklands (97_TVR95P) $29.95
TVR Parts Manual for 2500M 3000M 1600M (75_Mser_Parts) $59.95
TVR Tuscan 1:18 Revell Orange (B02_SSeriesOM) $89.95
TVR Collectors Guide Vol #2 Tasmin to Chimaera 128 pages by G Robson includes models S 350i 390SE Griffith 420SEAC Tuscan AJP8 Wheeler and more.. (90_120014AE) $99.95
65-81 TVR a passion to succeed the Martin Lilley era large heavy hardcover book 480 pages hardcover in slipcase by Filby (73_095457292) $69.95
Specialist British Sports Racing Cars 50's & 60's 224 hardcover pgs by Pritchard on AC Allard Arnott Climax Costin Brabham Bristol Chevron Connaught Cooper Elva BRM Frazer Nash Ginetta Healey HRG HWM Alta Kieft MG Lister Lola Lotus McLaren Merlyn Tojiero (60_SpecBritRace) $52.95
65-81 TVR the early years large heavy hardcover book 255 pages hardcover in slipcase by Filby (59780954572914) $129.95
TVR Cars of the Peter Wheeler Era 208 pages hardcover by R. Dodds (B03_1847979971) $49.95
1959-1985 TVR LImited Edition Ultra compiltation of road tests & articles 208 pages Models include Grantura Griffith Tuscan Vixen 1600m 2500m 3000m Taimar Turbo 3000s Tasmin 280i 350i 390se by Brooklands (70_TVR1X4) $37.95
59-86 TVR Gold Portfolio 172 pgs of road test articles about England's most successful cottage industry sports car compiled by Brooklands (73_A_TVR59GP) $39.95
SU Carburettor High Performance Manual by Des Hammill 96 pages how to set up tune & modify for maximum performance many color photos (65_145117) $179.95
Triumph Preparation Handbook 272 pages by Kas Kastner covering all Triumph sportscar models and all the secrets learned over years of official racing TR6 TR4 TR3 Spitfire & GT6 for Triumph (67_31912A) $199.95
TVR Collectors Guide Volume #1 Grantura to Taimar by Graham Robson 144 pages (68_32478) $24.95
TVR The Griffith Years Powered by Ford A history of the Griffith motorcars 1963-1967 and beyond 152 pages by Mike Mooney (65_Griffith) $39.95
TVR An Illustrated History by John Tipler 192 Pages in Hardcover (73_140624AE) $32.95
British Specialist Cars - Postwar Low Volume Production Cars and Kit Cars by Chris Rees (93_BritishSpeci) $59.95
TVR history by J. Tipler: 160 pgs. complete photo history throught 90's. (75_S17660) $24.95
A life in car design Jaguar Lotus TVR by O. Winterbottom (82_A_BMW4GP) $54.95
TVRCC Tech Tips 4th edition 140 pages all models published 1999 by the TVR Car Club North America (80_TVRtech) $29.95
The World Encyclopedia of Cars Guide to Classic & Contemporary 1945-2002 by M Buckley & C Rees 512 pgs w/over 2,000 color photos (74_1840386118) $19.95
47-2004 TVR:The Complete Story by John Tipler The complete history from Trevor Wilkinson to Peter Wheeler Includes technical specifications for all models over 180 photos 208 pages (80_120613AE) $79.95
TVR - Ever the Extrovert by Russell Hayes - A Blending of History and Technical Information about the TVRs 159 pages (50_150038) $34.95
TVR: All the Cars: A model-by-model history of TVR by Iain Ayre A complete model by model guide to all the cars produced by Blackpool based TVR from the early 1950s 160 pages (80_145193AE) $129.95
Volume 15 Issue 2 of Automobile Quarterly featuring Nash TVR Ballot Lanchester & others (B20_AQVol15Iss2) $19.75
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