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83 Chevrolet Shop Manual Electrical Troubleshooting Supplement for Impala Caprice Malibu Monte Carlo El Camino and more (83_ChevElec) $12.95
83 Owners manual full size cars by Chevrolet Impala & Caprice (83_1691 - Not a shop manual) $19.95
83 Chevrolet Corvette Sales Brochure (83_Vette_CC) $29.95
82-86 Road & Track on Corvette, 100 pgs. of articles about C4's compiled by Brooklands (84_A_CORRT82) $23.95
83-88 Car and Driver on Corvette, 100 pgs. of articles compiled by Brooklands (85_A_CORCD83) $23.95
82-01 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injection: 380 pages How to understand, service & modify: by C.O.Probst (87_GFCV) $54.95
69-89 IMSA inside story by J. Bishop (80_IMSA) $84.95
69-90 Chevrolet Full-size models, shop service repair manual by Haynes. (81_704U) $7.95
How to Work with and Modify the Turbo Hydra-matic 400 Transmission by R Sessions 224 pages (76_112175) $149.95
Small-Block Chevy Performance Manual modifications & Dyno-Tested Combinations for High Performance Street & Racing Use by Dave Emanuel (76_HP_1253) $29.95
Corvette by Barry Coleman, large format, all color, 96 pages (69_Vette) $14.95
Muscle Cars The Legend of Raw Power History Book by John McGovren 78 pages (75_MuscleCarRaw) $19.95
Corvette - Americas Sports Car by Jay Koblenz hardcover 256 pages (68_CorvetteAmer) $19.95
Corvette, America's Sports Car by the editors of Consumer Guide (69_AM_Sports) $27.95
Painting Your Corvette by Mid America Design Shop Manual (74_PaintCorv) $129.95
American Muscle Cars by Holder & Kunz 192 page history covering Chevrolet Oldmobile Pontiac Buick Ford Dodge Mercury Plymouth (75_AmerMusc) $24.95
Corvette the Classic Marque, John Lamm, Illustrated history of show cars, production and racing Vettes. (72_Classic) $19.95
Rochester Carburetors Shop Service Repair Manual by D Roe & B Fisher H.P. Books (40_HP_014_U) $34.95
Chevy Car Care Guide by Popular Mechanics (82_Chv_PopMec) $19.95
How to Rebuild Chevy Big Block Engines by T. Wilson (99_HP_755) $32.95
Complete Book of Corvette; Covering 25 years of Corvette. Richard Langworth, 319 pages, color illus (65_5_0517636735) $49.95
Corvette Catalogs compilation of Corvette Sales Brochures bound into book form from the 50's to the 80's by Terry Jackson 128 hardbound pages (67_VetteCatalog) $24.95
52-87 Chevrolet Corvette Portfolio by Consumer Guide 80 pages (69_CorvettePort) $18.95
1953-1988 Corvette Portfolio by Consumer Guide, 80 pg (70_5_Portfolio) $19.95
53-89 Corvette Cream of the Crop Top ten by Henry Rasmussen Photo history of the greatest of Corvette models (70_5_1879301016) $34.95
Corvette, America's Most Exciting Sportscar, Bill Reynolds, 1990, over 140 color images, hardcover (72_2982) $19.95
Modern American Muscle Book examines modern muscle cars like Viper, Camaro, Prowler, Mustang and more 96 pages by P. Paternie & D. Lyons (89_133358AP) $29.95
Chevy TPI Fuel Injection Swapper's Guide for 1955-92 small block V8 Engines 128 pages by J. Baechtel for Chevrolet 1985-92 5.0 & 5.7 Corvette Camaro & Pontiac Firebird How to install & modify GM Tuned port injection systems (95_SA53P) $39.95
53-90 Corvette Americas Superstar by T Jackson 128 page hard cover history of show cars production and racing Corvettes (71_CorvJack) $19.95
55-93 Chevrolet V8 Casting Numbers by Cars & Parts (75_XIDGCVE) $29.95
52-90 Chevrolet Corvette Racers Race History of America's Sports Car & Drivers from Sebring to Le Mans by G. Von Dare 192 pages (71_CorvRacers) $29.95
Corvette the Enduring Legend by N Wright 160 page hard cover history with numerous photographs (72_CorvEndur) $19.95
Road & Track Special Series on Corvette covering from 1953 thru 1991 120 illustrated pages (72_CorvetteRoad) $19.95
67-06 Barrett Jackson The Worlds Greatest Collector Car Event by L Edsall large hardcover 176 pages History of classic automobile auction (865_BarrJackson) $29.95
How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo Hydramatic 350 Transmissions by Cliff Ruggles 144 pages and 563 color photos (67_SA326) $39.95
Chevrolet Power the Official Factory performance Guide, covers engines Small-Block V8, Big-Block V8, 90 V6, 60 V6; 188 pages by General Motors (94_ChevyPower) $29.95
Fast Chevys by Alex Grabbard 236 pgs A look at V8 powered Chevrolets OUT OF PRINT (75_0962260800) $29.95
53-93 Catalog of Chevrolet Corvette ID Numbers Manual 1953 - 1993 by Cars & Parts Magazine (73_CorvetteIDNu) $44.95
57-94 Chevrolet Corvette Milestones by M. Mueller Enthusiast Color Series 96 pages (75_CorvetteMile) $16.95
53-95 Corvette Price Handbook. Informative handbook dedicates one page to each model. Includes a brief overview history along with rare options and colors for each model. 64 pages by Mike Antonick (74_133401AE) $29.95
CORVETTE An American Classic, by Dan Lyons & John F Katz; Large book & 192 pages (74_CorvetteAmCl) $19.95
Chevrolet Corvette Restoration Guide by Lindsay Porter: 225 pages (mostly 68-82) (75_123486AP) $24.95
55-98 Chevrolet small block V8 i.d. guide to casting and stamping codes 128 pages by P LaFontaine (775_122728) $24.95
Road & Track Guide to the All New 1984 Corvette by Road & Track magazine 1983 also features history of Corvette from 1953 to 1983 128 pages (83_CorvetteRoad) $19.95
Corvette: the American Legend, by the editors of Consumer Guide, 144 pg hardbound look at Corvettes from 1953-1997 (65_078532402) $29.95
53-97 Corvette Collectors Library by Michael Antonick about Chevrolet sports car (75_135592AP) $18.95
55-00 Rebuilding the Small Block Chevrolet step by step Videobook includes 2 hour dvd by Larry Atherton & Schreib 160 pages 650 B&W photos corvette camaro impala caprice blazer ck c/k silverado cheyenne sportvan nova (75_SA116) $39.95
How to make your Muscle Car Handle by M. Savitske (80_SA175_P) $34.95
Parts Interchange Manual for Small Block Chevrolet V8 Engines: 1955-97 144 pages by E.J. Staffel (78_SA55) $32.95
53-99 The Illustrated Corvette Series by S Teeters with the entire history of the car with information on many of the special editions concept cars racing cars and more that were based on the corvette in 144 pages with 392 photos (75_CT494P) $24.95
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Displaying (1 — 50) of 108   
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