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1983 Official Program, Indy 500. 224 pgs (83_Indy500) $29.95
83 Alfa Romeo Kimberleys Grand Prix Team Guide 8 by Bob Constanduros 28 pages color & BW illustrations V12 V8 turbo ground effects Type 182 183 183T (83_AlfaF1Team) $34.95
Autocourse The Worlds Leading Grand Prix Annual 1982-1983 Hard bound, 256 pages covering F1 race season (825_autocourse) $79.95
82-83 Automobile Year No. 30 Book on Racing history (82_2880011418) $54.95
83-84 Automobile Year No. 31 Book on Racing history (83_2826500899) $54.95
Lotus 98T by Haynes Includes all Lotus-Renault F1 1983-1986 93T 94T 95T 97T & 98T insight into Owning Racing & Maintaining by S. Slater in 160 hardcover pages w/over 300 photos (859780857337771) $36.95
83-87 Martini Racing Story by Paolo D'Allessio 178 pages (85_Martini) $129.95
Quattro Rally Library by G. Robson detailing the Successful Race Rally History of the Audi Quattro from 1981-1983 68 pages (82_Quattro_Ral) $29.95
80-87 Audi Quattro Rally Car Manual by Haynes & N. Garton (839781785212505) $42.95
The Anatomy and Development of the Formula One Racing Car from 1975 to 1982 (80_F714) $24.95
Le Mans 1980-89 The Official History of the World's Greatest Motor Race 352 pages hardcover by Spurring (85_200695) $72.95
Motor Sport Yearbook 1976 by John Player 330 pages (76_MotorYearboo) $29.95
74-84 Porsche 935 the Story of a Champion Long Distance Race Car by S Archibald racing history (79_935Archibald) $129.95
RD 350LC YPVS history of the Yamaha water cooled race derived two stroke 160 hardcover pages by P. West (85_136286AE) $29.95
12th Annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races August 23-25 1985 Laguna Seca Raceway ; program for the year 1985 (85_Monterey) $29.95
82-94 Porsche 956 & 962 Immortal Endurance Racers by Ludvigsen 128 pages (87_Sup_Wire) $32.95
82-94 Porsche 956 & 962 Haynes Workshop Manual 160 pages hardcover (89780857337962) $49.95
77 Lola T294S 1:43 Lemans Harrower Birrane Breg (55_33298) $39.95
Formula 1 The Art & Technicalities of Grand Prix Driving by Niki Lauda Hardcover 245 pgs (78_NikiLauda) $19.95
Group4 from Stratos to Quattro Rally Racing History by Davenport (79783927458543) $89.95
72-87 Fiat Abarth compliation of articles in 160 page book form by Brooklands covering the history of the Abarth from 1972 when Fiat bought the rights through 1987 detailing the Fiat 124 Spider 131 Rally Brava Strada Ritmo Abarth 130TC and more .... (80_200059) $39.95
Peugeot 205 T16 by Graham Robson Technical details facts and fihures of this successful rally car 100 photos 128 pages (85_145975AE) $29.95
Peugeot 205 T16 Haynes Enthusiast's Manual 160 pages Hardcover by N. Garton (9781785212512) $29.95
Porsche 917 023 racing car autobiography history book by Wagstaff hardcover (709781907085215) $299.95
Porsche 917/021 racing car book 324 pages oversized 917-021 917 021 (72_M341_) $149.95
66-83 Ferrari Rececars (749781902351452) $24.95
Rebuilding & Tuning Kent Ford's Crossflow engine 192 hardcover pages by Peter & Valerie Wallage (72_122047AE) $99.95
69-87 Ford's Feisty Capri European Sporting Coupes pictiorial history chronicles the full production run of the Capri Mark I II & III from the Ludvigsen Library Series with many rare rally and racing pictures 121 illustrations (78_10342) $29.95
Alfasud Trofeo Racing by L. Cooper 496pgs in English & Italian limited editoin of only 500 (79791220035606 - Not a shop manual) $299.95
Porsche Turbo Racing Cars by Ian Bamsey (89_PorcheTurboR) $19.95
March the Grand Prix & Indy Cars by A Henry Hardcover 250 pgs all about March Engineering (80_march) $39.95
Building a Street Stock Step by Step by B Emmons (74_S144) $24.95
Safari Fever by N Brittan Hardcover 160 pgs about Hannu Mikkola & Gunnar Palm's 1972 East African Safari win (72_Safari_Fever) $39.95
63-83 AutoDelta L'Alfa Romeo e le Corse 304 pages Hardcover in Jacket in ITALIAN covering GTA 33 TZ F1 Chiti and more by Tabucchi (73_8879115476) $89.95
69-89 IMSA inside story by J. Bishop (80_IMSA) $84.95
Lancia Rally Group B 037 Delta S4 ECV ECV2 Hardcover by Remondino (82_Lancia_Rally) $79.95
Alain Prost Driver Profiles by Nigel Roebuck (90_ProstRac) $34.95
Gilles Villeneuve Photographic Portrait history 208 page by N. Roebuck (95_146391) $54.95
McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team 160 pages hardcover by Alan Henry about the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team (97_128183AE) $27.95
62-83 Cobra portfolio book of 25 road test articles on the original Shelby AC Cobra & Replicas 100 pgs by Brooklands (76_cobraport) $24.95
300ZX 350ZX Nissan Z-Car Story by B. Long; 208 hardcover pages Foreward by Yutaka Katayama -'Father of the Z-car' (94_137510AE) $89.95
Faza Abarth Book #008-91 hardcover by Al Cosentino (70_Faza_Abarth) $129.95
Faza X1/9 Strada 128 Repair Manual by Cosentino (82_Faza_Repair) $129.95
Faza Abarth Bible Book 6th Edition hardcover by Al Cosentino (84_Faza_6th_ed) $129.95
The Reynard Story by M Lawrence Hardcover 240 pages about the inception of Reynard Racing Cars Ltd & their subsequent victories at over 150 different championships worldwide (85_Reynard) $99.95
How to Build Max-Performance Oldsmobile V8 engines by Bill Trovato covers 260 330 337 350 403 400 425 455 & W-30 small and big block 128 pages 279 color photos (70_SA172_P) $24.95
RX7 History 216 pages including the RX8 by B. Long RX 7 8 Mazda's Rotary Engine Sportscar (90_1904788033) $89.95
Formula 1 Technology 436 pages published 2001 by P. Wright (90_formula1) $24.95
Life At The Limit: Triumph & Tragedy in Formula 1 258 pgs An account of famous racing accidents as told by on-track surgeon of 20 years Prof. S. Watkins (Life_Limit) $19.95
62-89 Cobra Gold Portfolio book of 47 road test articles on the original Shelby Cobra & Replicas incl Autokraft Mk. IV ERA BRA Rich Ram Dax Python and Robnall 172 pgs 300+ illustrations by Brookalnds (76_A_COB62GP) $39.95
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Displaying (1 — 50) of 321   
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